Vision and Values



Our Mission


We help people secure jobs, stay in jobs, progress in jobs and improve quality of life. We do this by delivering contracted provision, qualifications and training- working closely with partner delivery and commissioning organisations.



Our Values


In delivering provision to the standards our customers expect we have several values we expect right across our company:



  • Attention to detail: From single client customers to contracts assisting many thousands of customers, we provide a service that meets contractual obligations not some of the time, but all of the time. We are only as good as our last mistake. From corporate training to welfare to work activities, we must always deliver what we promise.


  • Think Different: We will only help our customers by delivering the solutions specific and relevant to them. This means looking at our markets and not accepting the norm, offering new approaches of delivery to commissioning organisations, underpinned by sound theory.


  • Ethical: We operate in a sensitive space, providing services to organisations and government, sometimes working with those most vulnerable within society. Throughout all our business activities, we will always act with integrity providing services of true value, especially where funded by the taxpayer.


  • Commercial focus- The markets in which we operate often now work to a ‘Payment by Results (PBR)’ structure. This means we get paid only for the benefit we achieve. To excel in this marketplace we need to an absolute attention to detail in contract delivery, ensuring everyone in our company knows exactly how we will achieve defined outcomes. This is not at the expense of our ethics and we always remember this balance.


  • IMG_0884Hire and develop the best: Our people are our greatest asset and the key to our performance. We hire only people with a strong work ethic, not just competent to do their role but only those able to handle the very demanding expectations of our delivery. In return we develop and challenge our people, both with formal progression and qualifications but also in ensuring they are given the opportunities and level responsibility that mirror their hard work.