An apprenticeship is a practical, on-the-job education, in a skilled area of work. Apprenticeships can last between two and four years, in this time the Apprentice will learn their trade and become competent, to a national standard, in that area of work.


An apprenticeship involves three key people; a learning provider who will oversee delivery, an employer and most importantly the apprentice. Apprenticeships can be attractive for younger and mature learners alike. The apprentice is paid equal or above a National Minimum Wage for apprentices on an age linked basis and you will hold a contract of employment.

An apprenticeship consists of three components:

1. Knowledge: Key concepts or theories taught in the classroom or by a tutor. Usually this might be one day each week on average at a training centre or specific area of the workplace.


2. Competence: Competence is about being able to do a job in practice, no amount of learning theories can substitute for practice and experience. This section of the apprenticeship is assessed based on how the Apprentice develops in the workplace and focuses on skills.


3. Essential Skills: Essential Skills are those vital for finding, securing and sustaining in work. Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills really are essential for being in work in the modern economy. Almost all jobs are now advertised online and nearly all work involves some element of reading writing and/or numeracy. This section of the apprenticeship ensures the Apprentice has a good grasp of those Essential Skills they will need throughout their working life.


Apprenticeships are for learners of any age, all that is required is an enthusiasm to learn and a desire to be involved in the line of work chosen.


A19 Skills delivers apprenticeships listed on the UK Apprenticeships Framework


We can deliver almost any Apprenticeship qualification listed on the national database and work both independently and in partnership with Lead Providers and colleges to deliver:


  • Public Services: Policing and Emergency Services
  • Providing security services
  • Construction (all pathways: including electrical installation/maintenance, plastering, plumbing and others)
  • Hairdressing
  • IT related Apprenticeships
  • Contact centre services
  • Care sector
  • Finance and accounting

If you are an employer in any of the above sectors and can see the value an apprentice could bring to your business, contact us to explore the options available