Level 3 Certificate in Knowledge of Policing





This 12 week programme is now mandatory before an application to the majority of Police Forces in England and Wales will be considered, including South Wales Police and the Metropolitan Police.




Our experienced ex Police Service Training Unit staff deliver this programme which covers basic Policing principles and knowledge. You will build on this during your basic training, if successful at application stage. Some of the subject areas you will study include:


  • History and Ethos of British Policing
  • Supporting victims and witnesses
  • Arresting, detaining and reporting
  • Interviewing suspects
  • Searching individuals, vehicles, premises and open spaces
  • Managing conflict
  • Investigative Mindset




How will I Learn?


This course covers the theory of policing you will need to succeed at application stage to your chosen force. There is a strong practical emphasis including role play and scenario stations, which both will feature in the selection processes.




Entry Requirements


You need to meet the required criteria for entry into the police service, which can be www.policecouldyou.co.uk . You also need to remember that achievement of the CKP does not guarantee employment in the police service but is essential before an application will be considered. The qualification is also relevant to other similar roles within the police service and may be considered to access a degree programme in Police Studies.






Throughout the course you will have a series of formal assignments after a topic or unit has been taught, this is known as summative assessment. There will also be ongoing or formative assessment through tutorials and lesson knowledge checks. These are informal, do not count towards your grade and will help you build confidence in your learning. To succeed in this programme, you will need to study in your own time as well as attending taught sessions.





Next Course


Delivery is heavily dependent on recruitment and selection timetables, please call to discuss